Understanding the character
makes an image

We are One White Studio and we want to show you that starting a project with so called „One White” might finally contain few different, special colors. We’re creating an arena for development and style which we adjust to every project individually. Which project can we prepare for you?

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About us Broad place for creation of image…

Probably those are the words that we’d like to describe space that we’ve built… That broad and spatial view, which with every project we create anew. We’re focusing on valuable things while keeping in mind the detail. We’re finding the character and we start to change it into an image.

Offer What do we do?

We plan, write, implement, programme and most of all we design. We are an branding agency that values functionality and aesthetics. We don’t write stories about creativity because we want to create now.

Branding / rebranding

Creating of visual identifications

Visual identification is the first moment of connection. Consistency, key and temper are what makes diorama of their expression. We visualize wisdom and trust. We’re extracting the whole of a detail and we start to create it.

Content Marketing / Social Media / Public Relations (PR)

Marketing of the brand

Image of a brand is no doubt one of the most important things that we are capable of creating. Proper style and content are the foundation responsible for the stability of the image. Word, detail and frequency on the other hand are the binder of all what comes, what participates, in the process of creation. Marketing is the main stage.

SEO / Copywriting

Space of the expression

Words might not seem like a big deal. Every one of us has similar vocabulary. Magic is rooted in their placement. We’re disposing words in lanes, where they belong. We’re creating the vision of world which can not only be seen but also heard.

Programming / administration / E-commerce/ Website audit/ User Experience

Making websites

We design and programme based on functionality and intuitiveness. We’re aware that every project must be arranged in a way that one can navigate through it. We’re making a composition customized to character and to the line.

Stages of our work


Valuation of work

Project briefing

Making of
project’s concept

of the project


For agencies

Let’s defy the character together!

World was created in way, that we can help each other. It’s not like we can’t cooperate. Sometimes combining of two different views can create something entirely new…

We’re inviting to teamwork companies, that just like us, were made to create. We’re providing help in the range of Graphics, IT and copywriting. We guarantee efficient completion time and full confidentiality in our help. Contact us and we’ll establish everything together.

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